About CIO

CIO OUTDOORS' mission is to constantly manage and improve our large contiguous tracts of perfect whitetail habitat to produce the best trophy whitetail hunting in the world. Through 6 years of quality deer management (QDM), with the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) we have the perfect genetics and buck-to-doe ratios that allow quality, healthy antler and body growth, plentiful food and perfect pre-rut and rutting behavior. To many does and your bucks do not have to seek and are less apt to respond to calls and rattling. Year after year we continue to maximize your chances of harvesting one of our Illinois trophy whitetails. We will do everything legally possible to accomplish that mission and take great pride in establishing bragging rights for the best percentage of harvest, overall antler size and shot opportunities in the country. Your hosts, Dick McCormick and Leo Smith are extremely competitive and take pride in the client and celebrity proclamations of providing “THE absolute BEST trophy whitetail hunt in the world” but furthermore, find even greater satisfaction in putting our clients on our Land of the Giants monsters. WE WANT YOU TO SHOOT OUR GIANT BUCKS!

Our year round staff of guides love what they do and it shows! They tend to existing food plots, plant new food plots, monitor trail cams and the travel habits of our monster bucks. Through over 6 years of side-by-side efforts, studies and findings with the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) we have been pivotal in establishing QDMA certified property criteria and are poised to be the first Outfitter ever to have QDMA certified properties.

With a constant focus on safety, in 2007 CIO OUTDOORS along with it's safety cohort in the outdoors, Hunter Safety System (HSS) placed HSS Lifelines on every stand on it's fully-guided properties. This allows a hunter equipped with either a personal or a borrowed HSS harness (or similar) to clip in via a climbers carabiner (clip provided) and safely climb up and down the stand without the worry of falling. Once in your stand, you're hunting! No need to do anything else! It's awesome!

We want you to harvest the buck of a lifetime and to HAVE the hunt of a lifetime. We treat every hunt as if it were someone's one and only opportunity to go on a fully-guided paid hunt. “That's the way I was treated when I came to CIO OUTDOORS as a client and why I am a part of the team today”

Leo Smith