Come hunt with the PRO's! Referred to as the most premier” whitetail hunting destination, we host elite, extremely serious and savvy hunters like you, on the hunt of a lifetime. And we have one of, if not “THE BEST” percentage of opportunity to harvest not only a mature (130 – 140+) but the largest buck most of our clients have ever seen!


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While we are NOT the cheapest... dollar for dollar, we provide THE BEST percentage of shot opportunity to harvest a trophy mid-west giant whitetail! Our average shot opportunity of 77% inclusive of 130” and 140” minimum farms is unheard of and is what attracts and retains successful hunters, year after year!


Welcome to Central Illinois Outfitters Outdoors

Central Illinois Outfitters is now CIO OUTDOORS!

CIO OUTDOORS has been referred to as the “most premier” whitetail hunting destination in the world by folks like Bill Jordan, Stan Potts, Greg Miller as well as most of the major well known outdoor writers. “CIO... where the Pro's all go” is a phrase that has been quoted by hunting celebrities like Jon and Gina Brunson, Michael Waddell, Tom Miranda, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky and others who repeatedly choose CIO as their Outfitter of choice to harvest the buck of a lifetime. It's not just the celebrities who know it, it's every single hunter that has ever stepped foot on our trophy whitetail hunting properties in both Illinois and Kansas. Once with the CIO team, you will enjoy all the benefits of our hard work and trophy management for the past 6 years.

Our GRIGSBY farm was our introduction into the Illinois trophy whitetail outfitters arena. With ~ 13,000 contiguous acres (this is the largest privately owned single block of land in Illinois, we have a huge lake, great for kayak fishing) of trophy managed whitetails and ground, we remain the “heavyweight champ” and continue to utilized the same “tried and true” trophy whitetail management, food plot management, habitat management and honestly hunter management to attract and retain the best and the fewest that we can run, to keep the lights on so that we don't pressure ANY of our Illinois trophy buck properties. We are a year-round operation and focus on growing Mid-West Monster Bucks all year round. Our head guides live on our properties, plant and maintain our numerous food plots and leave standing crops in key ambush areas. We have the perfect mix of agriculture, food plots, water sources, timber, bedding areas (sanctuaries) and “oh yes” stands, located in pinch-points, bottle necks and travel corridors of our passing midwest giants!

We run the fewest hunters per acre of any other Illinois Trophy Whitetail Outfitters and focus on helping our hunters harvest the buck of a lifetime, better pack your binoculars! CIO OUTDOORS without a doubt has the “best of the best” guides and staff as well as serious and experienced clientele which is why we attract and retain savvy trophy hunters year after year. Judging by the quality and quantity of our giant trophy whitetails, we have been called “the closest thing to high fence, WITHOUT the fence, and truly the Land of the GIANTS!”

Our new TV Show, set to air January, 2008 called CIO's Land of the GIANTS was in fact named by our clients who year after year, say they have harvested or at least seen the largest whitetail deer in their lifetime! If you want the hunt of a lifetime, contact us or ask us for references and let our clients, tell you themselves.

Come see why once people come to CIO Outdoors, they continue to return, year after year!